Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Shepherd's Cross by Mark White

Started: 1st Jan 2015
Finished: 6th Jan

Picture from Amazon

This was the first book I downloaded onto my new Kindle HD. I signed up with Amazon Prime just before Christmas, which means that I can 'borrow' one book per month from the Kindle Lending Library, for free. This was from the library.

It's described as a 'supernatural thriller', and relates the strange events that happen in a remote moorland village which becomes even more isolated when it is cut off from the outside world due to heavy snowfall. I'd mistakenly assumed supernatural meant ghosts, but the villagers were faced with a different kind of threat, and it's not one that I particularly enjoy reading about - I probably wouldn't have chosen this book if I'd known. Once I realised what was going on, what the 'supernatural' bit was, I had a kind of "oh... that", shoulder-slump moment.

Having said that, it was still quite a page-turner; I was mostly reading it in bed, an hour or so at a time, otherwise I probably would've got through it even quicker.

So, not bad, but not great - I'm glad I didn't pay for it!

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