Sunday, 1 February 2015



The new series on Sky Atlantic is my latest obsession - I actually can't stop thinking about it!

Fortitude is a town (population 713) on Svalbard, in the Arctic Circle. There has never been any serious crime there; everyone has a roof over their head, and a job to do, so nobody has ever needed to break the law. The Sheriff, therefore, mostly deals with search and rescue missions, so nobody actually knows how good he is at his job. They are about to find out though, when the town is struck by a terrible tragedy.

I've only seen the first episode so far, but flippin' heck, it was good! This is my kind of tv series - as mentioned previously, I have a bit of a thing about books set in Scandinavia, Norway in particular, and the same goes for tv programmes, up to a point. I loved The Bridge (Sweden/Denmark), although The Killing passed me by for some reason (I may still buy it on DVD one day). Anyway, the bleak but beautiful setting of Fortitude (which was actually filmed in Iceland) is right up my street, and there was enough mystery in the first feature-length episode to hook me in and keep me watching. I've no idea what direction the plot is going to go in in the upcoming episodes, but for now I can't wait for next week!

Interestingly, this series comes just a few days after I finished reading Dark Matter, which was also set in Svalbard, albeit in 1937. The author of Dark Matter set the scene perfectly, so I could really imagine what Gruhuken Bay looked like. If that hadn't been the case though, just the opening scenes of Fortitude would've given me a good idea of the ice-packed sea crashing against the shore, and the huge expanse of the glacier pouring down into the bay. So if you're also enjoying Fortitude, and you want to read an eerie ghost story set in the same bleak landscape, I wholeheartedly recommend Dark Matter.

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