Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Clanachan Bereavement by Mark Ryder-Jones

Started: 4th Feb
Finished: 6th Feb

Photo of my Kindle, it's made the background go a bit dark...

This was my February free book from the Kindle Lending Library and it was a pleasant surprise. You can search the library, and I think I found this by using the search term 'Scotland' or maybe 'Scottish Fiction'.

The story begins with a woman dying in childbirth. It then cuts to a bachelor, ex-army, Captain Daniel Pelham, who has answered an advertisement in the paper for a holiday in a remote manor house in the Scottish Highlands. He plans to keep himself to himself, avoid the other guests as much as possible, and get in plenty of walking and reading.

He requests to stay in a part of the house which is normally not available to the guests; the new maid unwittingly finds him a suitable room. During his first night, he hears a strange noise coming from the attic rooms which are situated above his own, and he becomes obsessed with trying to gain access to them to find out what could've made the sounds he heard.

I really enjoyed this story and I must admit, the ending came as quite a surprise to me, yet it was quite believable and not beyond the realms of possibility. It was well-written, with likeable characters, and each chapter ended with me wanting to read another one to find out what happened next. And of course, it ticked the 'set in Scotland' box!

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