Sunday, 15 March 2015

My First Mother's Day

Well, what can I say? Chris completely excelled himself today.

First, I was allowed to have a lie-in, while he got Junior up and fed him and got him dressed. Then, when I came downstairs after the luxury of not only washing, but drying and straightening my hair (no time for that usually), I had two cards and two presents waiting for me. The first card was a lovely one from Chris and Junior. The second one, Chris had done through Moonpig. It's got loads of photos of Junior and me on the front, and Chris had written a really beautiful verse inside. I burst into tears as soon as I saw it, it was so lovely.

Once I'd stopped crying, I opened my first present... and started crying again. It was a photo book, Mother's Day 2015, and again was full of photos of Junior, some with me, one with my mum, and Chris had written a funny caption for each one. It was just amazing, he'd chosen brilliant photos and the captions were great.

The only downside to the card and photobook is that I can't possibly top them for Father's Day! I might just have to copy the idea, so that we can have a book each.

Obviously I don't show photos of Junior on my blog, which is a real shame because I would've loved to show my wonderful card and gift.

My second present was a box of chocolates, which we're tucking into now ;-)

If you've celebrated Mothering Sunday one way or another, I hope you've had a lovely day  xx


  1. aww, how lovely and thoughtful, belated happy mothers day, first of many special days xx


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