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All I seem to have posted lately is book reviews! I'm glad I'm managing to fit in some reading time, but it probably doesn't make for a very interesting blog.

I don't write about Junior much, for reasons I've stated previously. It's a shame, because I would've loved to fill this blog with photos of him, and tales of all the funny things he does, but it's just not to be. However, my life as a mum continues, and I'm loving it! He settled in with us so well, and really quickly - it feels like he's always been here, and I can't really remember what life was like without him. Chris and I have settled in to our parenting roles too, and everything is just great, we're one happy, contented family. Junior and I have our weekly routines - he goes to a couple of playgroups, which we both really enjoy, and the rest of the week we try to get out and about for walks, or visiting some of the attractions in the area. We have quiet, stay-at-home days too, which are really nice, especially just lately when we've had good weather, because we've been out in the garden. We bought him a sandpit (well, sand table) which he loves, although his favourite past time is emptying the sand out of it, one handful at a time. His latest acquisition is some chalks and a chalkboard, although I also got some of those chunky pavement chalks, so the patio is his canvas (and mine, if I'm honest, I've been reliving my childhood a bit too!).

He's always been a chatterbox, but we haven't had many proper words out of him yet - the main one for ages was 'tick-tock' for clock. However, he's now starting to copy our intonations on certain words, for example, if we count to five. He's not saying the actual words, but he'll make a sound that sounds like he's counting along with you. He especially likes it when we say "1, 2, 3, Go!" or "Ready, Steady, Go!" - he can definitely say Go and always joins in with that bit. He's also got quite a repertoire of animal sounds - we can ask him "what does a sheep say?", "what does a horse say?" etc and we get a sound in reply, with varying degrees of accuracy. He does Baaa, and Neigh with enthusiasm, and if we ask "what does a crocodile say?" he has to stand up to do the action aswell (clapping his hands together whilst saying "snap, snap"). I think so far, he has a sound for sheep, cows, horses, pigs, chickens, ducks, cockerel, snake, bees, crocodile, monkey, tiger, lion, bear, parrot, mouse and bird!

He's not saying mum or dad yet though. (Hmmm, think mum and dad need to get their priorities right, and stop teaching him animal sounds!)

* * *

I reorganised my Filofax a couple of weeks back - if I ever get chance, I might do another post about it, although it's hard to take photos of it without showing anything personal. Basically, I just added a few more dividers, and took some stuff out that I wasn't using. I still love the idea of using a Filofax, but I've struggled at times to make it a part of my day, you know, to look at it on a regular basis. And it doesn't matter how well organised it is, if you don't look at it, it's not really going to help you, is it? So I'm really trying to use it more, and I'm hoping that the new sections I have in it will help me do that.

I've also created a rota, using some reusable sticky labels, to manage my time on an evening. Junior goes to bed between 6 and 7pm every night, and after that, it's ME TIME!! Except I sometimes can't decide what to do - do I read? do I crochet? do I blog? For the past few weeks, I've taken to crocheting in our bedroom every evening, because if I try to do it downstairs, I have two cats trying to get on my lap, plus I distract myself by being on the internet. So I've started sitting up there, and I've managed to get quite a bit done. However, it means that I don't get to see much of the cats, especially Millie, who only ventures downstairs on an evening. So my rota is basically one night upstairs doing crochet, one night downstairs reading (and fussing the cats), and so on. Each crochet night, I'll work on something different (I have about six things on the go at the moment), and once a week I think I'm going to try and have a blogging/admin/any other business kind of evening. I've only been doing the rota for a few days, but I feel a bit happier about how I'm managing my evenings, and all the things I need to get done.

* * *

Speaking of crochet, as I said, I'm working on about six different projects. I've made something for Junior, which I'll blog about once I've managed to take a photo of it, and I'll probably write about the other things as and when I finish them. One of them is particularly exciting, because it's something I've designed myself! Once I've taken some photos of the finished item, I'm hoping to put the pattern up for sale. I'm not expecting to make millions from it, but you never know, one or two people might make a purchase. I'll just be happy if it pays for me to buy a bit more yarn!

* * *

FACEBOOK (and Twitter)
Following on from the time management issues mentioned above, I've been giving some serious thought to having a complete break from Twitter and Facebook, perhaps for a month or so, just to see how much more productive I might be. It's quite scary when I think about how much time I spend waste on them! Twitter, especially, sucks me in - I just keep scrolling down, scrolling down, scrolling down, and when I eventually catch up to where I've previously read, I go back to the top and start scrolling down all over again. I did actually have a bit of a purge the other night. I was thinking about the Marie Kondo method of tidying, and for all the accounts I was following, I asked myself "do they bring me joy? do I enjoy reading tweets from this account?" and I managed to 'unfollow' several tweeters. I'm still following 108 accounts though, so that's still an awful lot of tweets to read, even if these are of more interest to me. So yes, I'm still thinking about going cold turkey from twitter for about a month - I'll delete the bookmark on my laptop, and I'll delete the app on my phone and Kindle, so that it's not so easy for me to access.

I'm thinking of doing the same with Facebook too, although I wouldn't want to leave it completely. I'm in a lot of crochet groups on there, and my feed is full of crochet posts all the time. They are mostly quite nice to read, but again I just find myself scrolling down through them all, then going back to the top and starting again.

My fear about avoiding Twitter and Facebook for a month, is what will take their place? The idea is that I should do something more productive, like more crochet, or more reading. But I'm worried that if I don't have them to look at, I'll fall into an endless trawling through Pinterest or Instagram instead! I suppose I should delete those, too!

* * *

Anyway, sorry that this has been a long wordy post with no photos, if you've made it this far, well done!

Right, I'm off to check Facebook and Twitter while I still can....

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