Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Little Star's Big Star

When we were on holiday back in March, I bought five balls of Rico Design Baby So Soft DK in blue/vanilla. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them, but I kind of had in mind a star-shaped blanket for Junior. When we got back, I found this pattern for a 12-point star that looked good, so I made a start.

I wasn't sure what size to make it - for a long time it didn't seem big enough, and then all of a sudden it was almost too big. I used all five balls that I'd bought, and in the end I had to buy one more, just for the last couple of rounds, so it took me a bit longer to finish than it would've done otherwise.

So this is the finished blanket:

It's approx. 4ft wide from point to point, and I did 42 rounds. I didn't write down the date that I started it, but I think it was the first week of April, and I finished it on the 5th June, although as I say, there was a delay while I decided whether to buy one more ball to finish it off, or frog a couple of rounds.

Junior already has a couple of blankets that usually stay folded over the end of his cot. He used to sleep under a sheet and a blanket, but now he sleeps in a sleeping bag, so we don't really use the blankets any more. I might put them away and fold this one over his cot instead though - if he does ever need one, he can use mine from now on!

I really enjoyed making this, so much so that I'm already doing another one, and I've got some colour ideas for at least two more after that. If I do make them, I might try and sell them. I can also definitely recommend Rico's Baby So Soft yarn - it's gorgeous to work with, really buttery soft. For the second blanket that I'm currently making, I bought some King Cole Cherish, as it looked very similar, but although it's nice, it isn't quite as soft as the Rico yarn.

So there it is, my Big Star Blanket for my Little Star!

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