Monday, 8 June 2015

Wreckage by Emily Bleeker

Started: 25th April
Finished: 28th April

Image from Amazon:

This was a free book I downloaded from the Kindle Lending Library. It's about two people who were stranded on a desert island, and the lies they feel they have to tell to protect the ones they love.

I really enjoyed this book. The chapters are told from the perspectives of the two main characters, both in 'present day' and 'flashbacks'. I think a couple of times, early on, this confused me, because something would be said and I'd think, "hang on, that never happened", but then the truth and the lies kind of all come together as the story progresses, and you have that "aah, I see!" moment.

I managed to guess one of the significant aspects of the plot before it was revealed, but I don't think it was ever really meant to be a huge surprise; it was more about how it was going to be explained by the two protagonists.

All in all, a good story, a page-turner, and I'd definitely recommend it.

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