Thursday, 16 July 2015

Sun Hat

We had a bit of a struggle at first to get Junior to wear a sun hat when he's outside. I think it was just the novelty of having something on his head, he kept wanting to take it off and look at it. We persisted though, and eventually he seemed to get used to the idea, and he's really good at keeping it on now. He even wears it indoors occasionally ;-).

Of course, the crocheter in me kept thinking "I could make him a hat!"... so I have.

I chose the nearest colours I had to his original hat, hoping that he wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I made it up as I went along, but really it's not difficult because you just make an increasing circle until it's big enough, then stop increasing for a bit, and then start again at the brim. I used his other hat for measurements.


The brim is maybe a bit curlier than I would've liked, but otherwise I'm really happy with it. He'd gone to bed when I finished it this evening, so he hasn't tried it on yet. It should be near enough the same size as the other one, or if anything slightly bigger, so it should fit him at some point. I just hope he likes it! If it's a success I might make another in different colours.

I used Patons 100% mercerised cotton, so it has a smooth, cool feel to it, perfect for the summer months!

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