Friday, 31 July 2015

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Started: 16th July
Finished: 27th July

This was one of those novels that I felt I 'had' to read; Chris told me that he'd read it at school, but we didn't, and I'm kind of surprised that it's taken me until now to get around to it. I'm also surprised that I've managed to avoid any spoilers for it over the years.

I knew it was about Atticus Finch, a lawyer, representing a black man in court, and I knew it was narrated by his daughter, Scout. But that was about it. I thought the whole story was just about the court case, and all the implications of that, but obviously there's quite a bit more to it.

There isn't really anything I can say about this novel that hasn't already been said, is there? I enjoyed it, I can understand why it's such a critically acclaimed work, I can see why Atticus has always been hailed as one of the greatest fictional characters ever written.

Yes, I enjoyed it. No, I don't want to read Go Set A Watchman.

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