Monday, 31 August 2015

Review: House of Silence

House of Silence House of Silence by Linda Gillard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The first Linda Gillard novel I read, a couple of years ago, was Emotional Geology, and on the basis of that book she became a 'must-read-all-her-other-novels' author for me. Tempted as I am to read them all one after the other, I'm pacing myself, so this is the second one, so far.

Gwen is invited to spend Christmas at the stately home of her boyfriend Archie, but she quickly realises that he may not be the person she thought he was. Add in an eccentric family, a quiet, brooding cello-playing gardener, and some torn-up fragments of old family letters, and Gwen finds herself caught up in the middle of an increasingly puzzling and mysterious family drama.

I had no idea where this plot was going, but I really enjoyed uncovering all the secrets of the Donovans. There were quite a few characters to keep in mind, all very likeable, and the story was told from different viewpoints. I sometimes found this a bit confusing, but that is a reflection on me and not the book, which was very well-written. Although the subject matter had a dark side, it was dealt with sensitively, and there was actually a lot of humour in the story.

This was a very enjoyable novel, with an intriguing plot and great characterisation. I've already started reading my third Linda Gillard book (so not doing so well at 'pacing myself' after all) and look forwards to reading all the others.

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