Monday, 3 August 2015

Review: The Pure in Heart (Goodreads review)

The Pure in Heart The Pure in Heart by Susan Hill
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Started: 27th July
Finished: 2nd August

This is the second novel featuring DCI Simon Serrailler. The first - The Various Haunts Of Men - I read a few years ago, but I couldn't really remember anything about the plot, although certain significant events are referred to in this book.

There are a few different stories running through this novel: a young boy is snatched from his home, DCI Serrailler's disabled sister hovers between life and death, an ex-con struggles to go straight, despite his best intentions. By the end of the book, although there have been developments, none of these aspects of the plot have been tied up. It seems they will continue into book 3, of which I have a copy, so I will have to read it fairly soon before I forget anything.

This was a gripping novel, with some very likeable characters - the DCI is quite enigmatic.

One gripe that I had though was with some of the dialogue, as I tended to lose track of who was saying what, if the people in question had a similar speaking style.

There were a few short chapters, just a page or two, that were in the voice of the missing boy. These were particularly harrowing to read, as he pleaded to be returned to his mummy. An integral part of the story, but still unpleasant. I think things like that affect me a lot more since I became a mum myself.

On the whole, an enjoyable read, and I'm looking forwards to reading book 3 (and I think there is a fourth one after that too).

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