Sunday, 27 September 2015

Yarndale 2015

The date we've been waiting for all year finally arrived - Yarndale 2015 was upon us!

It was an early start for me - left the house at around 7am, called at the ATM first to get some spending money and then went to pick my mum up, although we didn't leave her house till 8.30.

We had a nice steady drive to Skipton, commenting on the fact that the weather looked promising, as the sun was trying it's best to break through the clouds. Although we wouldn't notice the weather whilst we were inside Yarndale, we were planning to go to Otley for a wander around afterwards, so we wanted it to be fine and dry. As it happens, we didn't come out of Yarndale until about 3pm, and after a quick trip to Grassington (mainly to use the loos in the car park, and then have a quick bite to eat, because we hadn't had anything to eat or drink all day), we headed home. It seemed to take forever, and I got home just after 6pm. A very long, but enjoyable, day!

Anyway, back to the morning. We arrived at the Auction Mart just after 9.30, so drove straight in and got parked up in the grass field at the back with no problems. I took a couple of spare bags with me which I forgot to get out of the boot, so I went back for them before we joined the queue. We waited from about 9.45, and didn't actually get inside until about 10.20, which was a little bit frustrating as I'd bought the tickets in advance, and I (and others in the queue) assumed that we'd get in sooner. But the people who were buying tickets 'on the door' were getting in much quicker than us. It wasn't a big deal though, at least it wasn't throwing it down or blowing a gale, and the mood in the queue was generally a happy, excited one.

When we got in, the first thing I spotted was the mandala display from last year. Around 500 of them are currently on display in Craven Museum and Gallery in Skipton, but the rest were at Yarndale again. I'd no idea where mine had ended up, but I was going to have a look for it all the same! I spotted it straight away!

Top left corner of the board on the right

Pink centre, yellow round the edge

Unfortunately, in the excitement of the day, I didn't take any more photos, which I'm a bit sad about now. But as in previous years, I will spend the next couple of weeks trawling blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook to swoon over everyone else's photos and basically relive the day vicariously through them.

I did, of course, take the obligatory Yarndale Haul photos when I came home. First priority was a quick cuddle with Junior, who was just about to go to bed (I'd left before he got up this morning, and missed him like mad). Then I watched Strictly, so it was late evening when I spread my purchases out on the bed to take these photos. Apologies for the shadows.

So we have:

This year's Yarndale bag and two pin badges, plus a 2016 calendar

A starter pack from Colourcraft - after my attempt with food colouring, I really wanted to have a go with proper dyes. I'd never even thought about buying some at Yarndale until Friday evening, when I was having a look through the list of exhibitors and saw that they were going to be there. Had a nice chat with the chap on the stall who recommended this starter pack, and I'm looking forwards to having a play!

A fun bag from The Knitting Goddess. The badges were already attached to the bag - one says The Knitting Goddess, and the other says "I hold the potential to make beautiful things", which I liked.

Two sets of two stitch markers from Watercolours and Lace. This was one of the first stalls I went to, and the first purchase I made. I was very tempted by a lot of their yarn, but didn't want to buy some so quickly before I'd looked round everywhere else, and then forgot to go back. But the good thing is, all the website links are on the Yarndale site, so I'm going to bookmark as many as I can so that I'll always be able to visit them online and maybe make a future purchase. The beads on the stitch markers are all purpley colours, and two have little silver cats on them, and the other two are just a couple of nice beads. I'm trying to slowly increase my cute and pretty stitch marker collection, so these will do nicely.

This is some gorgeous squishy yarn from Juniper Moon Farm (I think). I can't remember what stall I bought this from, I don't think the stall was called Juniper Moon Farm, but I could be wrong. As you can see it's 50% wool/50% silk. I thought it was 4ply but looking at the label again it looks like it's lace weight. I'd taken a very brief shopping list which mostly consisted of getting some yarn to make a couple of shawls, and this is earmarked for one of them.

This is beautifully soft 4ply yarn from Debonnaire - 75% merino superwash/20% nylon/5% silver stellina - it's the first time I've bought something with a bit of sparkle in it, and this is also destined to be a shawl.

These are four skeins of undyed 4ply merino, although only two of them are mine - I'll be having a go at dyeing them. My mum bought the other two, and she's asked me to make her a shawl with them, as she liked the 'undyed' natural colour. I don't like saying no to my mum as I feel quite flattered that she wants me to make her things, but I've no idea when I'm going to get around to it all! I'm already in the middle of making her a huge throw for her bed...

I also bought Books 1 and 2 of The Shawl Project - I might have a go at some of the patterns in them, but they also have some really interesting tips on designing your own shawls. I tried to read it last night and I must admit, most of it went over my head, but I was very tired and I had a pounding headache, so that didn't help.

As I said above, the other yarn that I bought is destined for shawls. The irony is, though, that I don't really wear shawls/scarves/wraps! I'm not even sure 'how' to wear them, you know, what kind of outfit they'd go with. I just live in jeans and hooded sweaters at home and I feel that they wouldn't work with that, so maybe it's time I updated my wardrobe and smartened myself up a bit?

I've just come up with a 'thing' too - we have New Year Resolutions, so I'm going to have a New Yarn Resolution! Basically, I'm going to try and find some patterns (or heck, design my own if I have to!) to use up all my best yarn, and make something for myself. I've still got yarn that I bought at Yarndale 2014, which I finally got around to winding the other week, as well as yarn from Armley Mills Wool Festival, and some that I bought on holiday. So I'm going to try and use it all before next New Yarn (Yarndale 2016)!

So I've shown you mine - now you show me yours! (Your Yarndale goodies, of course!)

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