Monday, 5 October 2015

Strictly 2015: First Out

Well, I wasn't expecting him to be the first one to leave, but I can't say I'll miss Iwan Thomas at all.

I didn't really like his attitude - I think he came into Strictly either thinking that he was going to be better than he was, or that other contestants weren't going to be as good as they are, or that it was going to be easier than it is, or maybe a bit of all three. Basically he came across as a bit arrogant. Clearly he was affected by the negative comments from the judges in the first week, and I do think he'd eaten a big portion of humble pie by week two, but it wasn't enough to save him. Maybe he was genuinely sad to be leaving so soon, but I think there was an element of his male pride taking a huge beating too.

I don't read the tabloids, but I'd caught wind of the rumours that Ola wasn't happy to be partnered with him, and that they didn't get on, even though that didn't appear to be the case on tv. However, true or not, it affected the way I viewed their partnership, to the point where I was always looking for those little telltale signs that things might not be as happy as they were trying to imply.

Similarly, I used to like Ola, but I think she is suffering a bit by the behaviour of James Jordan, particularly some of the comments he makes about Strictly on Twitter (I know I don't have to follow him, but I was curious). Now that he's no longer a part of the show, he's really let rip with his opinion, and yet Ola is still there having to keep the smile painted on and almost pretend that he isn't saying the things that he is on Twitter. It must be hard for her, so perhaps it's best that she's first out. I'll be surprised if she's still on Strictly next year.

The dance that made me smile the most this week was actually Ainsley and Natalie's Salsa. I think everyone was expecting it to suit him and it did, but I'm not sure that they'll be able to top it now.

I also found myself smiling (and maybe cringing a little bit too) through Jeremy and Karen's dance. Having been forced to listen to him on Radio 2 when I was at work previously, I used to find him a bit annoying, but his excitement and enjoyment of Strictly is quite infectious.

I've been really surprised by both of Jay and Aliona's dances. He's so nervous, I was expecting him to dance like a plank of wood, but he's actually pretty darn good. He looked very striking in his white suit this week, and I loved how straight and controlled he was in those spins. I agree that he's going to need to start working on the performance side though, as his face has so far been a bit emotionless. And I know I've just mentioned his nerves, but I really wish people (especially Tess) would stop going on about them - IT'S NOT GOING TO MAKE HIM ANY LESS NERVOUS!! It's like pointing out to someone that they're blushing - it just makes it worse!

Also enjoyed Anita and Gleb, and I still think she might win it...


  1. I was glad Iwan went out; like you say, he came across as arrogant, and that's not good.

    I'm really loving Strictly again this year; I love watching It Takes Two on BBC 2 every evening. It gives you a really good insight into the world of sequins. And I agree with you; I think Anita and Gleb could swing it this year.... early days, though, early days!!!
    Thank you for visiting me at my blog. However you found me, it's nice to meet new people!

    1. I don't usually get to see ITT as it's on around the same time that my son goes to bed, but I record it and try and catch up later. As you say, it's great how much they show of 'behind the scenes'. I agree it's still very early days - Anita and Gleb may turn out to have 'peaked' too soon, or they might go out in one of those shock dance-offs.

      I probably should have said, I think I found your blog via Jo's Through The Keyhole - I'm doing the 12 Days Of Christmas swap too! It's very exciting!


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