Monday, 19 October 2015

Strictly 2015: Second and Third Out

Wasn't planning on writing about Strictly this year, but I seem to have started so I might carry on...

Second celeb to leave was Anthony Ogogo. He wasn't a favourite of mine, but I didn't mind him really. I follow the celebs and pro dancers on Twitter (until they leave the show, and then I unfollow them. It's a little game I like to play), and Anthony came in for a bit of stick from so-called boxing 'fans' who thought he should've been training instead of doing Strictly. I was impressed with his positive attitude and the way he regarded learning to dance as training in itself, for example helping him to become light on his feet. Even though he wasn't on the show for long, I hope it does have a lasting benefit to his boxing career. However, I don't think he should've ever been chosen to take part in the first place. Maybe it was felt that his shoulder would recover quicker than it was doing, but dancing isn't just about the feet, and you'd think someone would've realised that he'd struggle with lifts etc. Oti seems like a really good dancer, so hopefully she'll still be around next year, and will get a promising partner (I think Anthony could've done quite well without the injury).

The third celeb to leave the show was Daniel O'Donnell, and I don't think it was really a surprise to anyone. I do think he'd made some improvements, and certainly seemed to have conquered his nerves compared to his first dance, at least, but it was obvious he wasn't going to get much further in the competition. Having said that, I think I would've preferred Kirsty to leave, I'm sorry to say I find her a bit annoying, and her partnership with Brendan is one that I'm just a bit indifferent to.

I was gutted that Jay made mistakes in his Quickstep as it looked like a really good routine, but you could've almost put money on him messing up after his amazing Jive. I hope it doesn't knock his confidence, and that he comes back next week with another brilliant dance. (Yes, I'm a bit of a fan. Trying to make up for calling him 'creepy' after the Launch Show).


  1. I don't watch Strictly, but you certainly sound an avid fan xx

    1. I do enjoy watching it every year, but I'm not obsessed with it - I can barely remember who took part last year, or who won. I like to see the celebs who are good dancers, but I'm afraid to say I don't have a lot of patience with the 'underdog' types, like the John Sergeant/Ann Widdecombe contestants. And I tend to tune out when the judges are speaking. So I've got a bit of a love/hate relationship with it... or maybe a like/dislike one...

  2. I love Strictly, but I'm not an obsessive; having said that, by December we (my daughter and I) will have our favourites and be desperate for them to do well in the competition!


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