Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy Christmas!!

Once again, I've been finding it difficult to make time to blog just lately, and I fear that I've probably forgotten some of the things I've wanted to write about. But since Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I better try and squeeze in one more post.

So, in no particular order, (as Tess might say):

Jay won Strictly Come Dancing, and even though I wanted him to win for weeks, I found it all strangely underwhelming when it finally happened. I've really enjoyed Aliona's choreography all series, and I had high hopes for their showdance, but I'm afraid I had to agree with the judges that there just wasn't enough 'show'. It's not that I wanted them to be doing lift after lift after lift, or anything like that, but it just seemed a bit lacklustre, and the upside-down starting position seemed quite out of place. I wonder if that particular prop had originally been part of the Gleb and Anita showdance that never was, and since it was going spare, Aliona shrugged and said "yeah, go on then, we'll use it"?

As much as I loved their Pulp Fiction Jive, I didn't mind too much that they didn't repeat it, because I'd have been worried that they might make a mistake, or it might, somehow, not be as good as the first time around. Shall we though, since it's Christmas...?

One thing that has bugged me a bit is the constant complaining (well, on Twitter, at least) about Jay (and some of the others) having had previous dance training, and that they shouldn't be allowed to take part. I understand that SCD is a dancing competition, but it also involves performance and fitness to some degree, so does that mean that sportspeople and anyone from an acting profession shouldn't be allowed to take part in the show either?

Anyway, apart from "that Jive" as it will always be known, my other favourite dances were Georgia's 'Chicago' Charleston, Jay's 'Dr Who' Charleston, Kellie's 'Star Wars' Charleston (yes, I do love a Charleston), and Anita's 'Maleficent' Waltz, mainly for that bit where Gleb kinds of falls to the floor and then springs back up again backwards, because he's under Anita's spell, or something. They're the ones that have stuck in my mind the most, I guess.

Will you be watching the Christmas Special? I don't usually, but I've seen the trail for it and there seem to be some interesting costumes, so I might have a gander if I get chance.

I realise that I haven't managed to blog about each couple, as I'd started to do, but it seems a bit pointless to go over it all now, it already feels like it's in the past even though it only finished a few days ago. I've enjoyed SCD again this year, but I have to be honest, I'm always a bit relieved when it ends - I think I get a bit of Strictly fatigue! It'll be nice to have my Saturday and Sunday evenings back too.

* * *

At the risk of sounding like a telly addict (I'm not really, but I do have certain programmes that I enjoy), I have absolutely loved the third series of The Bridge. The bridge of the title is the one that connects Sweden and Denmark, and each series has centred around a series of crimes which have required a joint investigation by the Swedish and Danish police. The chief homicide detective from the Danish side who appeared in series 1 and 2, Martin, wasn't in this series. I really liked his character, so I wasn't sure how it was going to work without him. It turns out that his replacement, Henrik, was just as good, better, in fact, and his relationship with Saga, the Swedish detective, has really brought something new and exciting to the show. The final episode certainly finished in a "to be continued...." kind of way, so I can't wait for Series Four.

* * *
I think I'm just about ready for Christmas now - the cards have been written and delivered, and the presents have been wrapped. Apart from the giant plastic slide that we've bought Junior, which is still in the box that it was delivered in, and which will presumably be set up on Thursday night, ready for him to see as soon as he walks into the living room on Friday morning. Yes, we're going to have a slide in the living room. That boy loves a slide! (It will eventually make it's way into the garden).

I think Junior is still a bit young to really understand Christmas (this time next year though!), but he knows something's going on. He loves the fairy lights that are strung around the room, every morning when he sees them again he says "twinkles". We haven't taken him to see Santa, but we've got a few Santa toys/ornaments and we're teaching him to say the name, and I think he's kind of recognising him when he sees him on tv or anywhere else.

It was Chris's birthday a few days ago, and Junior helped unwrap his presents, and he's definitely getting the hang of that, so I can't wait to see him opening his own presents on Christmas Day. My mum will be coming over for dinner, and I'm really looking forwards to it. Chris's parents are coming for dinner on Boxing Day, and his sister and her family will probably come over later in the day, so it's going to be a busy couple of days, but Junior will love all the attention.

Chris and I decided not to buy presents for each other this year, but I've still got some things to unwrap as I took part in Jo's Twelve Days of Christmas swap. I took photos of the things that I bought and sent to my swap partner Cheryl, but obviously I won't blog about them until after they've all been opened - I really hope she likes them! I will, of course, blog about the gifts that she's sent to me - I haven't decided if it will be a quick daily post about each one, or one long post at the end of the twelve days. Her parcel was beautifully wrapped, so I haven't even opened the box yet, but I can't wait to see what I've got!

* * *

Crochet has been almost non-existent for the past two or three months. I had a break from it because I was ill, but it also coincided with Strictly starting and as I said above, that has kind of taken over my Saturday and Sunday evenings, when I would've otherwise been crocheting. (I usually crochet upstairs, in our bedroom, because if I try to do it downstairs I just end up with the cats all over me, and I can't get anything done). Most evenings I've either felt too tired, or just not in the mood for crochet, and more recently I've been trying to get sorted for Christmas - ordering presents online, wrapping them, writing cards etc. I had a few hours to myself last Saturday when Chris took Junior out, and I did a little bit of crochet then, but my intention is to really try and get back into it after Christmas.

* * *

Speaking of which, I've been having a think about what my New Year Resolutions might be, except I never call them that, but it's basically the same thing, to me. If I can link to Jo at Through The Keyhole again, I've been really inspired by her 2015 Challenges this year. I like the fun element of them, she's been doing something enjoyable 'for her', but there has also been a more serious side in supporting a different charity each month. I'd really like to do something similar for 2016, so I've got my thinking cap on and hopefully I'll have come up with some ideas by January 1st.

* * *

Anyway, unfortunately I have to go to work on Christmas Eve, so I really should be toddling off to bed (just found out that we can leave two hours earlier than usual though, so I'll be driving home in daylight for a change, wippee!).

So have a wonderful Christmas / Festive Celebration of your choice, and I'll see you on the other side!!

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