Friday, 8 January 2016

2016 To Do List... The DVDs

I'm not really a big film fan, and apart from a few favourite series (such as The Bridge, Broadchurch, Last Tango In Halifax), I don't really watch all that much on tv. So I have quite a small collection of DVDs on the shelf, some of which I haven't watched for ages (and a couple which I believe are still in their cellophane wrapper!).

Chris recently put loads of his DVDs in the attic, but I didn't want to do that with mine because I knew I'd probably never see them again.

Instead, I decided that in 2016 I would make a point of watching them all again (or for the first time). I'm going to list them here, and cross through them as and when I've watched them. This will be the first time in ages that I've even looked at what's on the shelf (I'd better get a duster...)

About Last Night
America's Sweethearts
Before You Go
Calamity Jane
Calendar Girls
Dark Star (abandoned)
Dirty Dancing
Firefly (didn't bother)
Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistlestop Cafe
Gosford Park
Grease 2
Great Balls Of Fire
Guys And Dolls
Jonathan Creek Series 1-4 + Christmas Specials
Ladies In Lavender
Moulin Rouge
My Fair Lady
Notes On A Scandal
Outlander Series One
Pretty In Pink
Real Genius
Return Of The King (LotR)
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
Sleepless In Seattle
St Elmo's Fire
Star Wars - A New Hope
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars - Return Of The Jedi
The Breakfast Club
The Dark Crystal
The Fellowship Of The Ring (LotR)
The Krays
The Lord Of The Rings
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Phantom Of The Opera
The Proposition
The Thing
The Two Towers (LotR)
The Truth About Cats And Dogs
Top Secret
Twin Peaks Box Set

Wow, so there are a lot more than I thought!! And this isn't all of them, because I've left out the music DVDs (like concert tour footage), and a few kids films like Shrek and Monsters Inc, which I'm happy to watch with Junior one day (if he's interested) but not so bothered about sitting through on my own.

Some of these are in box sets together, but I've just listed them in alphabetical order to make it easier to see what I've got - I might even watch them in this order. Not all of them are my taste either; I acquired some of them when a relative passed away, so it will be interesting to see what I make of those (most of the 'sci-fi / fantasy' genre).

I've hardly bought any new DVDs for years, so it's interesting to see what kind of films I used to be into - lots of musicals, rom-coms and the odd thriller here and there (Fargo, The Krays and The Proposition are all my own choice).

If I've counted correctly, I make it 53 titles on the list - it was 52, but then I found the Outlander box set which was my most recent purchase, and which hadn't yet made it to the shelf with all the others. I wonder if I'll be able to average about one per week for the whole year? To be honest, I don't think I will, but hopefully I'll (re)discover some good films along the way...

I've also got some dramas that I've recorded off the tv which I need to try and slot in:
And Then There Were None
Harry Price: Ghost Hunter

Both of these were on over Christmas, but I haven't got around to watching them yet.

So I don't know when I'm going to watch all of these films, but I'm thinking I'll try and watch them and crochet at the same time, so that I can be crossing two things off of my to do list.

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