Sunday, 24 January 2016

Another Year on Planet Earth

It was my birthday today. Some people don't like getting older, but I love it, because let's face it, what's the alternative?

I bought some of my presents myself this year, although Chris gave me the money for them afterwards, and wrapped them for me.

I've decided that I want to learn to knit socks, so my main gifts were some circular knitting needles, some DPNs, and some stitch markers. (I also got a hot water bottle and handwarmer (another!), and some chocolates and biscuits which I didn't photograph. And some birthday money too, which will probably be spent on yarny-related things).

I was really impressed with my stitch markers from CharmedKnitting

They were beautifully wrapped, and when I opened them they were enclosed in a cute little card

I'd ordered some little black cat stitch markers, which were in a lovely little black mesh bag, but they'd also included some extra ones as a free gift.

how sweet!

free gift
It might seem like a minor detail, but I think nice, thoughtful presentation really makes a big difference, and I would've been impressed with the package even without the free gift, which was an added bonus. I'll definitely keep their details and shop with CharmedKnitting again.

My mum came over for a couple of hours this morning, and this afternoon Chris, Junior and I went for a walk in the park.

Another lovely birthday!


  1. Happy birthday Michelle, glad to here you had a lovely day and those stitch markers are so cute xx

  2. Thank you, they really are cute, I'm very pleased with them.

  3. Happy belated birthday. I love those stitch markers, I need some myself so I shall have a look at that site. I agree about good service, it's quite rare these days so companies which give it should definitely get a plug. Good luck with the sock knitting, it can seem quite daunting but it's easier than it looks.


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