Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Year!

I hope 2016 has started off well for you. We didn't do anything special on New Year's Eve, but Chris and I did stay up until after midnight, watching the fireworks on the BBC (while I complained about the awful music choices - I've turned into a grumpy old woman!). On New Year's Day we went to a local park and let Junior loose in the play area - it was freezing and he got quite wet and muddy, but he was absolutely loving it! It's amazing how little kids don't seem to notice the cold, isn't it?

On Saturday evening we took all the Christmas decorations down after Junior had gone to bed - it took him a while to notice this morning, and when he did, all he said was "twinkles" (which is what he called the fairy lights) while looking up at where they used to be. But other than that he doesn't seem to have been too bothered. I, for one, was glad to get them all packed away in the attic again. I love putting them up in early December, but after Christmas Day, they just seem kind of sorry and tired-looking, and I was getting to the point where I couldn't wait to take them all down again.

We did have a really lovely Christmas though. Junior's main present, at least in terms of size, was a slide, so this was the scene on Christmas morning:

In fact, he couldn't get enough of it for the next couple of days too, but then, it seems, the novelty started to wear off. When it's not in use, it folds flat(ish) and is propped up in the hallway. He does ask for it now and again - "down slide! down slide!" - but when we get it out for him, he'll only go on it a few times before losing interest and doing something else. Or sometimes, his soft toys or cars go for a slide down it instead of him. I don't think it will be much longer before it goes out into the garden, which will become it's permanent home.

He got lots of other toys and clothes from family and friends - two of his main loves are books and jigsaws, so he got a few more of those. I don't mind him having toys to play with (like all the Duplo stuff that my mum got him), but I'm glad he likes more 'educational' things aswell and shows such an interest in learning his alphabet and numbers (I know that the toys can't be educational too, but you know what I mean).

My mum came for dinner on Christmas Day, and then Chris's family came over on Boxing Day. On the 27th we went to my mum's for dinner, and she'd saved a few presents for him to open there (and then keep at her house), so his present-opening went on for three days, and he loved it!

* * *

Anyway, New Year inevitably leads to thoughts of resolutions. I'm still thinking about what mine are going to be this year, although as usual I can't decide what to call them - Resolutions? Challenges? Intentions?

Firstly though, I thought I'd look back on my 2015 ones, to see how I did:

1) Read more and maybe register with Audible. Well, I've just had a quick count-up, and assuming I blogged about every book that I read (and I'm pretty sure I did) it seems that I read 22 books last year. That's probably quite good for me, because I think I only read 7 in 2014. By coincidence, I've set my Goodreads Challenge for this year as 24 books, so it's clearly achieavable. At the moment I'm still reading a book that I started last year, so I might not count that one. I never signed up to Audible though.

2) Get rid of some books. Um, yes, I had a massive clearout, which I later regretted because I would've liked to have listed them on Read It Swap It. But at the time I wanted to get rid, so several carrier bags went off to the charity shop, and my bookshelves heaved a sigh of relief.

3) More crochet. I'm not sure if I did achieve this one, to be honest. I need to be better this year at recording my projects somewhere (maybe Ravelry), but of course I have to actually make something to be able to record it! I did design my own shawl, the planning of which (plus typing up the pattern etc) took up valuable crochet time, and I made a couple of blankets, so I suppose that was something. My crochet really tailed off around October, which was a combination of going back to work, being ill, and then Strictly starting, which ate into my evenings/weekends. So, apart from a few granny squares, I've hardly done any crochet for about three months, which makes me sad.

4) Deal with things more promptly. Nope, I'm still rubbish at this.

5) Be happy/get more sleep. Junior makes me incredibly happy, of course, but the sleep part of this hasn't happened. In fact, me and sleep just don't get on at all, and I really need to do something about it. Some nights I'm lucky if I get 4 hours sleep...

6) Continue to avoid the news. I'm still sticking to this fairly well actually.

7) Organise photos. I haven't really done this, but at the end of December I treated myself to a new laptop. I use to save all my photos into folders on my old laptop, although I'd also started using Google Photos and uploading them to the 'cloud', or whatever it's called. Now that I've got this new laptop, I'm going to try and stick to saving photos to Google and also Microsoft OneDrive, and try not to fill up my hard drive with them (although I do have tons more storage). I'd love to do some kind of photo-journalling / scrapbooking, mainly about Junior, but I just don't think I'd be disciplined enough to keep up with it.

8) Continue to use my Filofaxes. This was hit and miss. I was doing pretty well with my Malden, but every now and again I'd just forget to look at it, for days and sometimes weeks at a time, which is not really the idea! As for my Holborn, I decided to use it as a diary (a "what we did today" rather than an appointment one), which I kept up with for most of the year, but for the last few months I was the same, just not writing anything in it for weeks at a time, and then, of course, not being able to remember anything that we'd done when I tried to backfill the days.

Hmm, so I think I can only really say that I achieved 1, 2 and 6, and 3, 7 and 8 were so-so. As I said, I'm still thinking about this year's resolutions - I've actually got a long list already, but I think it still needs a bit of refining.

Have you made any resolutions?

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