Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Twelve Days of Christmas Present Swap (Part Two)

As promised, this is a post about the presents that I sent to Cheryl. I thought I'd written down the order that I put them in, but I can't find it, but I think I took the photos in order as I wrapped each gift, so I hope this is right.


A glass Xmas decoration. From reading her blog, it seems Cheryl really loves Christmas, so I hope she likes this and manages to find a home for it amongst all her other trimmings.


Some jingly earrings. I don't have pierced ears, but if I did I think I'd indulge in this kind of thing at Christmas, just for a bit of fun.


From reading Cheryl's blog, it's seems she enjoys having a go at different arts and crafts, so I hope these fairy stickers will come in useful in one of her projects one day.


Some really lovely hand cream (I bought one of these for myself too)


Another Xmas decoration, I know Cheryl will be opening this after the 25th, but hopefully she can find a home for it for a few more days.


A set of coloured pens - they might come in useful with her crafting, or perhaps she could use them with...


... a 2016 pocket diary.


I hope I haven't overdone it with the craft stuff, but I picked up from Cheryl's blog that she likes ribbons, so I thought I'd add to her collection! I liked the colourful stripes on this one.


I know Cheryl has done some cross-stitch in the past, so I thought I'd buy this kit (I think she likes fairies too). It's only small, so it shouldn't be too time-consuming.


I remember reading a post about Cheryl's nail polish, so I thought these nail polish remover pads, and nail files, would come in useful. 


I hope Cheryl didn't mind that one of her gifts wasn't actually for her, but I know she loves her dogs and cats, so I thought I'd send them a treat. I hope they liked them.


A little wall-hanging plaque, I just really liked the sentiment (almost bought one for myself!) for those days when you feel like you need a little bit of encouragement. 

So those were the 12 gifts that I sent to Cheryl - I really hope she liked them!

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