Thursday, 4 February 2016

America's Sweethearts

This was the second film on my list of DVDs to watch this year. I actually watched it a few weeks back, so I might not be able to remember it very well.


It stars Catherine Zeta Jones, Julia Roberts, Billy Crystal and John Cusack, and was released in 2001.

CZJ ("Gwen") and John Cusack ("Eddie") were one of Hollywood's power couples, both on and off screen, but after she had an affair with a co-star there followed a very acrimonious split which left Eddie in therapy.

Their last film together is currently in the hands of the director, who is refusing to hand it over until they and the press are assembled at a screening. Billy Crystal is the movie publicist whose job it is to bring them back together, and make it look as though they still care for each other, helped by Gwen's sister/personal assistant, Julia Roberts ("Kiki").

I wasn't sure if I was going to like this film, but to be fair it wasn't bad, if a little cheesy and predictable. There were some funny moments and quips, mostly courtesy of Billy Crystal of course, although Gwen's new Spanish boyfriend Hector (played by Hank Azaria) was pretty funny too. It was hard to imagine that Julia Roberts (surely the bigger star of the two?) would play second fiddle to CZJ for long, and sure enough, her role in the film kind of took over from about halfway through.

Overall, I did enjoy this film - it was fun and light-hearted, but not something I'd be in any hurry to watch again.

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