Thursday, 18 February 2016

Before You Go...

This is a 2002 film starring Julie Walters, Joanne Whalley and Victoria Hamilton as three sisters who come together for their mothers funeral.

from IMDB

Julie Walters is Teresa, the eldest, who seems to be the most 'together', but it turns out she's having her own issues with henpecked husband Frank (Tom Wilkinson).
Middle sister Mary (Joanne Whalley) is a doctor who is having an affair with a married colleague (Mike, played by John Hannah), who has been promising to leave his wife for the past five years. A secret from her past comes back to haunt her, as does the ghost of her recently departed mother.
Catherine (Victoria Hamilton) is the youngest sister, a stereotypical joint-smoking, vodka-swigging, emotionally unstable mess.

I really like Julie Walters, and I know she's a bit of a national treasure, but sometimes it feels like she's playing the same character over and over again - a bit grumpy, a bit scatty, a bit quirky... However, there was a scene in a pub where she's very drunk and spouting a few home truths which was very funny.

The storyline of Mary's affair with Mike was just boring, it was obvious that it was going nowhere, and for an intelligent woman you wondered why she'd stayed with him for so long. Her other story was far more interesting, and very moving (although I was frustrated by what I felt were some factual inaccuracies).

Catherine was just plain annoying and unlikeable.

As you'd expect from a film about death, and a funeral, there were some sad moments (it may have brought a tear to my eye once or twice), but there was also some humour too. I watched it on my own one evening, when I was trying to wind down in the hope of getting a good night's sleep, and it was just the right kind of film for that, nothing too taxing, just a warm, gentle, mostly feel-good movie.

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