Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Calamity Jane

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Calamity Jane was the next film on my list, and I watched it back in February.

I've seen it several times already; usually I'll just come across it whilst flicking channels on tv, so I might have missed the start, although I have seen it in it's entirety before.

What can I say? It's just a pleasant, fun film with a great soundtrack, starring the very watchable Doris Day. One of the things that often strikes me is just how fit she must have been in some of those dance routines, jumping on tables and leaping over the bar, and all whilst singing and acting too (I know, she's a professional, so she should be able to do all that, but still... ). I Just Blew In From The Windy City is probably the best example of this, especially:

"Press a bell and a moment later,
Up you go in an elevator..."

Amazing choreography!

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