Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Dirty Dancing

This is one DVD in a box set that I've got, hence the photo of the disc itself. What can you say about Dirty Dancing? It's just one of those feelgood films, with great music, great dancing (obvs) and Patrick Swayze at his most gorgeous (which also makes me a bit sad now).

I was crocheting whilst watching it, and couldn't resist putting this photo up on Instagram (excuse the dodgy reflection):

She really did carry a watermelon!
and then later:

"Now I've... had... the time of my life...."
Bet you're singing along, aren't you?

I'm watching all my dvd's with a view to donating most of them to charity, and only keeping the ones I watch regularly. If this had been just a Dirty Dancing dvd I might've kept it, but since it's a box set I'll probably give it away. As much as I love the film, I can't say I've actually chosen to watch it before now; it's one of those I've seen loads of times, because it's always on tv, so I don't think I'll miss not having my own copy.

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