Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Next on my list was Fargo, a film set in snow-covered Minnesota. It follows Marge, a heavily pregnant police chief, who is investigating the deaths of a state trooper and two members of the public, which she discovers is linked to a bungled kidnapping, arranged by the debt-ridden husband of the kidnap victim.

There is a lot of bleak humour throughout the film, but a lot of violence too - it's not for the squeamish. I've seen it before and I enjoyed it then, as I did this time around. However, I feel as though I've become a bit more sensitive to excessive violence - I know the film is a work of fiction, and it's all just special effects etc, but it kind of upsets me a bit. I don't sit there crying or anything like that, I think I just have a vague feeling of unease, like I shouldn't be enjoying it (I can't really explain what I mean without giving away any spoilers).

It's still a good film though, with a great cast, and I probably would watch it again, despite my slight discomfort at some of the violence.

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